Celtic The separated players will not accept pressures

As it was known, Jonny, Sergi Gomez and Radoja, were left out of the concentration of the team in A Toxa, for refusing to extend their contracts that expire next year. The decision taken by the management of the club, was assumed by Antonio Mohamed, who left the first two in Vigo and the third in Serbia, training outside the group.

With this decision, Celta aims to pressure players to find equipment quickly, also leaving money in the box. The players, who do not understand the punishment and are still surprised with it, are very clear that they decide their future and mark the times. They will go to the team they decide and not the one that most interests the Celta economically.

The issue that has raised a broad debate between celtism and that does not help coexistence in the locker room at the start of the preseason, it seems advisable not to enquer. Celta, despite boasting economic muscle, does not benefit to have three players all year sitting in the stands. And, obviously, the players are not interested in spending a year in white, losing value in the market.

Starting from the basis that both parties are condemned to understand each other and that the ideal would be to do it as soon as possible, the players understand that since Celta does not have them for the next season, they should be able to freely choose the destination that they are most interested in. interesting for your future. They will not go to any team for the mere fact that the operation is more advantageous for the Vigo club.

In that framework, its agents have taken command. Jonny shuffles several options, Radoja from Serbia also has some, while Sergi Gomez starts receiving proposals. The Celta wanted to have already solved the issue last week and now he hopes it will be resolved before the 24th, when his teammates will be back in Vigo.