«Renato showed what he learned in the formation of Benfica»

Renato Sanches’s goal in the Luz with Bayern’s shirt left Rui Vitória in a mix of feelings.

“It was a sadness because we suffered the second goal and, as much as he likes Renato, nothing overtakes Benfica. Regarding the manifestation of the fans (applauded standing), it is a demonstration of what is the benfiquista mass, for the recognition of having been formed here and for being to take the name of the Benfica by that Europe outside. Renato showed what he learned in the formation of Benfica. We were satisfied with this, we did not stay because the important thing was that we did not lose this game. I hope you are lucky and that this goal gives you the energy to start. I think it will help you, “he told a news conference.

Renato Sanches was a featured player at Bayern – he was the origin of the first goal and scored the second that set the Germans’ 2-0 triumph at the Estádio da Luz.