Sassuolo-Inter Sport Preview, Teams, Head to head

Sassuolo a big disappointment
Sassuolo has been one of the biggest disappointments in the season, no snack on the matter. Although the coach Di Francesco was lost during the season, add heavy play in the form of Defrel and Pellegrini to name a few, but at the same time a 15th place in the table is really untrue. The biggest question is what happened to Berardi really? The Italian was rumored to Inter Milan and Juventus this summer, but the question is whether these clubs still avoided the rivets. A yummy goal of 13 played matches this season. No, Sassuolo has certainly not convinced this season.
At home, Sassuolo has been embarrassing badly, or what about the result line 1-2-5 after eight played home matches? Goals have been made in just two (!) Of eight home matches, with a target of 0.38 goals / match. Nicely clean off. Having trouble seeing the home team will score some points when Inter visits Saturday night. On the injury list we find Biondini, Sensi and Letschert, while there are some questions about Adjapong. Heavy conditions.

Inter with revansch in sight
Sooner or later, Inters 16 matched a long losing sweat crack, and probably Udinese of all teams could last defeat Nerazzurri with 3-1 on Giuseppe Meazza. An extremely unexpected loss, but oh, what a thinker for Inter. Here it is time to quickly bounce back despite the plump in the protocol. The result line 12-4-1 after 17 matches speaks its clear language, one has clearly exceeded all expectations this season. The watches, a competent coach and a rugged stable team building. Will definitely be a Champions League place in the end.
On Saturday, Sassuolo is waiting for a lurking away game, but I choose to invest in the away segment. Keeping Inter as clearly the better team – this season, it has been shown a rugged stability on all fronts, not to mention the mental attitude Spalletti has put in the player group. Icardi is currently scoring goals with his 17 goals in as many match games. Class distinction prevails and I choose to take a stand.