Víctor Font announces that he will be presented to the president of Barça

The Catalan businessman announces that he has his project ready by the time the elections are called, after resigning to take part in the last elections.

Víctor Font (Granollers, 1972) has taken the step he has been telegraphing for a long time and has announced that he will be presented to the president of Barcelona. “Now we are able to announce that, when the Board of Directors calls early elections or ends its term, there will be an alternative project available to the members,” Font explains in an open letter to Barcelona.
For a long time, Font has led the ‘Yes to the future’ platform, but declined to run in the last elections of 2015. Font says that “we could have submitted a candidacy to try to win the elections as had been traditionally done, but we did not have the project nor the team to face the major challenge that the Club had and has before it. ” Now, Font already feels prepared. In 2010 he was part of the candidature led by his former partners Marc Ingla and Ferran Soriano.
Font is co-founder and CEO of Delta Partners, an international company based in Dubai, specializing in strategic consulting services, corporate finance and investments, as well as co-founder, director and shareholder of the newspaper Ara.
In his letter to the Barcelona players, Font warns that the next board of directors will have to face challenges such as renewing the best generation that this entity has had, preparing the club to compete against entities dominated by magnates or state property and all with a model that allow the partners to remain the owners of the entity.
For this, Font appeals that the managers of the future are not simply citizens capable of assuming an endorsement but the best professionals in the fields of sports, business and commercial management.
Font hopes that the best generation of players that Barcelona has had will be integrated into the sporting direction while at the same time betting on the idea of ​​Barcelona selling its contents directly without intermediaries. It is also necessary to reinvent the income generation model to keep ownership of the Club in the hands of the members. “We have to be able to sell products and services directly to the millions of followers we have around the world, eliminating intermediaries. In the current model, the economic potential of the Club is limited by the intermediation of many external agents. The ability and experience of top-level international advisors and executives should make this possible, “he says.